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Melissa & Doug Toys


We have hand picked our favorite toys by Melissa & Doug.  Toys with amazing quality that last for years.

Jellybean Rugs


Jellybean Rugs are machine washable accent rugs that can be used indoors and outdoors. Jellybean Rugs are a blend of polypropylene and acrylic fibers, and are handmade and hand hooked with a twisted loop construction that adds durability, texture and keeps the fabric from picking and pulling. Jellybean accent rugs are fade resistant, whether in your kitchen, sun porch, or outside on your deck or patio. Jellybean Rugs' light weight construction and special non-woven pourus backing lets water weep through so your rug will dry outdoors without mildew.



Majesty Bells® wind chimes set the standards higher for entry level chimes.  This hand-tuned piece of musical yard art will serenade your friends and family, giving peaceful melodies to your home. The affordability of these chimes allows for everyone to have the luxury of a relaxing windchime in their own backyard or personal space.   Made in America



A variety of cutting boards to choose from.

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No more wine headaches! The Wave™ is the only product available that purifies your wine by removing both histamines and sulfites from an entire bottle of wine.


Doormats  Pick one that fits your personality.  Constantly changing inventory



BeepEgg® constantly measures the outer temperature. With this data it calculates the core temperature of the egg. BeepEgg® knows which temperature is which stage. Once the egg has reached the desired stage, BeepEgg® will play a melody.

Al Dente beeps for the first time after 30 seconds in hot water to inform you that it is working. Then, after 7, 9 or 11 minutes, it will play the right melody to inform you on how things are in your pot.

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This Is Duke Cannon Country We're Not Like Other Grooming Brands. Inspired By Soldiers. Benefiting Veterans. 


Wings of Whimsy  hand-painted, resin Angel was carefully designed to match the artist's original woodcarving. Garden Angels can be displayed on our specially designed stakes, hooks and table top stands. (Sold Separately).  

Dimensions: 7"w x 12.5"h Several to choose from. 


 Improve your overall health and wellness today. Full Spectrum CBD oil with no THC. Oil in 1000, 500 or 300 mg ,cream and roll on available at C&D Hardware


Stylish, comfortable rubber boots and garden shoes for women. Sizes 6 - 11


Rain rain go away! Just for kids. Rubber boots will keep little feet warm and dry on a rainy day. Rocco Raccoon or Sadie Swan.

Size 6-11

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Grooming Goods for Men

Mail boxes

We have searched High and Low to bring in Mail Boxes you don't see elsewhere.