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With this month’s, warmer-than-normal weather, I think we are going to be employing many GardenLine protocols earlier than normal this year … like maybe a whole month earlier. If you make this first change - and let’s call it two weeks earlier than normal - please understand that it’s not mandatory. You can stay on the regular Lawn Care Schedule, but I think we have an opportunity to get it down immediately. And by doing it a few weeks early, we’ll have an unusual opportunity to get in three pre-emergent herbicide applications before June 1. I don’t see any freezing weather on the horizon for the next two weeks, and I see predictions for daytime temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. Weed seeds will germinate in that kind of environment.

So, a January application will allow us to do another one in 60-75 days, or by the end of March. And that means we can get in one more by June. In a normal calendar year, we only ask for three applications total, and one of them is in the fall. Most pre-emergent herbicides warn against over-use, but I’m not suggesting that you do this every year … just in unique circumstances such as this year’s non-winter.

The two most prominent pre-emergent herbicides are Barricade® and Dimension®. Barricade has been on the retail scene at least five times longer than Dimension, but both are the 2-in-1 pre-emergent products my schedule recommends.

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